Kaoko designs innovative products with proven durability. We supply Kaoko™ Motorcycle Throttle Stabilizers through formally appointed distributors worldwide.

Kaoko was established in 2001 after the owner, Roy Mentis, developed a long-range fuel tank for an adventure trip through the Kaokoveld in Namibia. The Kaokoveld, being one of the last remaining true wildernesses on earth, was the inspiration for the company’s name. The Kaoko fuel tank was a great success, enabling Roy’s passion for long distance motorcycling, however he encountered a more serious challenge on his adventure: overcoming an extremely tired wrist. This led to his design of Kaoko’s first Throttle Control in 2001.

Since 2001, Kaoko has gained a vast amount of experience in the design and manufacture of Throttle Controls. All of our Throttle Controls are bike specific and manufactured from materials of the highest engineering standards.

In 2009 Kaoko won the prestigious SABS Design Excellence Award for the world renowned Kaoko™ Throttle Control. We are continuously involved in R&D and are proud to offer solutions for most popular makes of motorcycles entering the market, and even do custom designs for aged motorcycles. In 2013 Kaoko became the proud recipient of the Web Bike World Accessory of the Year Award.

In 2015 the term ‘Kaoko Throttle Stabilizer‘ was coined, this being most applicable for the ‘inherently twitchy’ fly-by-wire throttle systems, in addition to conventional cable linked throttle systems.

As motorcycling is very much about throttle control, we believe all bikes should have the facility for the rider to simply set the rotational resistance of the throttle sleeve. Even bikes with an electronic cruise control can be improved with a Kaoko™ Throttle Stabilizer, since the stabilizer allows the rider to personalise the rotational resistance of the throttle sleeve—simply, safely and intuitively. This sets the Kaoko system apart from certain other friction type devices which only have a fully engaged or disengaged setting.